Roy 'Chubby' Brown

EXPIRED:Thu 28 June 2012


Get ready for a barn-storming night of jokes, banter and hilarious mickey-taking from Britain’s most outrageous comedian...those easily offended should stay away.


Born in Middlesborough, Royston Vasey was expected to follow his father into the steelworks. Thankfully for Royston, however, he found that being obscene in front of a live audience paid better. The bespectacled Mr Vasey is better known as Roy Chubby Brown, of course, the most foul-mouthed, highly offensive comedian on the circuit. And he really has done okay for himself, in spite of the fact that he’s given as wide a berth as possible by television and radio. In Chubby’s defence, Royston claims his racist, homophobic and sexist alter-ego is simply a stereotype, not intended to offend anyone. And in reality, it’s doubtful that he does -after all, his career has been built almost entirely on word of mouth - most promoters want nothing to do with him - which means that those who go to a Chubby gig know exactly what they’re going to get, and, presumably, like it. Still, there’s no accounting for taste, is there? Instead, simply be thankful that the vast majority of people have the good sense to be at best uncomfortable and at worst downright disgusted by the man.