Help build a life size Mini out of LEGO® bricks and join in with a week of automotive themed brick building challenges!

  • Help build a life size Mini out of LEGO bricks
    Visitors will be able to complete their own brick section (4 bricks by 4 bricks) which they will then hand over to the professional model builders to assemble into the LEGO brick Mini model. 
  • 25 Brick Challenge
    Can you build a British Motor Car with 25 LEGO® bricks and four wheels?
  • LEGO Minifigure® Museum trail
    Search the Museum to match the LEGO Minifigure® to our cars.
  • Under 5s fun with foam bricks
    Three sets of large soft bricks in a dedicated area for the under 5’s. Your challenge is to build a car out of the bricks. 



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