Sabai Sabai,

268 High Street, ,

Harborne, Birmingham

B17 9PT

Telephone: 0121 426 2688

The site on which Sabai Sabai now stands was once the location of Harborne’s police station - and it’s fair to say it would be absolutely ‘criminal’ if locals failed to give this brand new restaurant a try. Sabai Sabai describes itself as a restaurant which blends fabulous Thai food with upbeat city chic.

A visit to the newly opened eatery will surely find you happy to agree. Set up by Jureerat Dykins and Torquil Chidwick, and with a longer established sister venue in not-too-far-away Moseley, Sabai Sabai was impressively busy on the night we dropped by. Situated on a road junction and with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the restaurant does have a little bit of a goldfish bowl feel to it, but if you’re self-concious about eating in front of passers-by, you can always ask to be located on one of the tables away from the window. The menu offers a fantastic selection of options. Starters include Thai steamed dumplings, soft shell crab, Thai fish cakes, Gai Thai-style coconut soup, Toong Tong pak (fried golden bags filled with mince vegetables and served with plum sauce), mussels, prawns in garlic and pepper served with sweet chilli sauce, and squid rings fried in tempura batter. There are platters to try, too, offering a selection of delectable treats that take you on a whistle-stop tour of Thai cuisine. Well worth a try. For mains, there are curries, sizzling platters, stir fries, soups, and fish and noodle dishes to enjoy. It’s hard to select highlights, as everything looks so mouthwatering, but a Sabai Sabai-style Thai curry, whether it be red, green or yellow, is an absolute treat. Sabai Sabai seems to have pitched itself at just the right level to maximise its appeal to a wide range of potential customers. It manages the not inconsiderable feat of feeling like the kind of place that’s simultaneously ideal for romantic meals, lively birthday parties and high-powered business meetings. In short, this is a restaurant on the site of an old police station which offers a truly arresting dining-out experience.

on Sat, 12 Nov 2011