Birmingham Royal Ballet  (BRB) promise an explosion of Spanish sunshine, spectacular dance and vivacious comedy with this new production of Cervantes' celebrated tale.

More than 400 years after the death of Don Quixote’s maverick author, Miguel de Cervantes, the classic story continues to find an enthusiastic audience. 

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Director, Carlos Acosta, is the man behind this explosive new work, which sees the Don -  accompanied by his loyal friend and servant, Sancho Panza - setting out on a quest to track down his true love.

“Don Quixote is the best ballet to attend if you are not a ballet connoisseur,” says Carlos. “If you don’t know anything about ballet, this is a great chance to learn something about it. Don Quixote appeals to family audiences and is great for children because the story is easy to follow. 

“It’s very sunny and people will laugh a lot. The world of ballet is so full of tragedies - Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet etcetera, they are all tragedies - but in Don Quixote, nobody dies. It’s a happy tale, and very exotic, too. It provides escapism into this amazing world of colour, and the music has an incredible Spanish flavour. When it’s raining and cold, it’s then that you want to come and see Don Quixote, because it’s a sunshine ballet. It’s a great show. When you’ve seen it, you leave on a high.”

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