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Lydia De La Murrãy analyses all her past relationships, in detail...

Do you have questions after a breakup that were left unanswered? Well Lydia did, so she sent a questionnaire to all her ex-partners and made a show out of it. ‘Closure?’ is a one act comedy performance lecture, that follows Lydia De La Murrãy on her journey of self-discovery, through analysing all her past relationships…in detail.

Lydia is a cheesy music loving, serial dating, northern lass, who is seeking closure after a particularly dysfunctional relationship that was swarmed with controversy and drama; so naturally it needed to be made into a show.

If you like statistics, interpretive dance, and Danial Bedingfield then you’ll love this show. Audiences will leave laughing, deciding whether Lydia has actually gained closure and with some noughties classics stuck in their heads.

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