Cassiano dal Pozzo’s 17th century paper museum was a magnificent attempt to document and record all human knowledge. Consisting of 10,000-plus watercolours, drawings and prints, the ‘museum’ features subjects as diverse as antiquities, architecture, zoology, botany & geology, social customs & ceremonies, costumes, portraits, topography and military maps.

Most of the dal Pozzo collection was acquired by George III and remains in the Royal Collection. 
The Barber exhibition forms part of an ongoing collaboration between the venue and Royal Collection Trust.

“It’s very exciting to stage the first exhibition in over 20 years to focus exclusively on Cassiano’s remarkable contribution to art and science,” says Robert Wenley, Barber Deputy Director & Head of Collection. “The Paper Museum considers his wide-ranging academic and personal interests in the subjects of natural and antiquarian history. It also investigates his fascination with creating visual ‘documents’, which will resonate with today’s media-savvy and connected generation that enjoys documenting almost every fascinate of everyday life.”

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