Agatha Christie is not happy. Miss Marple is about to be brought to life by Britain’s foremost comedy actress, Margaret Rutherford. The films are destined to become the most successful franchise of 1960’s British cinema. But Christie thinks Rutherford isn’t suitable to play her favourite character, and Margaret doesn’t want to sully her reputation with something as sordid as murder.

The two form an unlikely friendship over afternoon tea and gossip. Each have secrets to hide, and Agatha turns detective to uncover the hidden tragedy in Rutherford’s life. Can their friendship survive the investigation? Who is the mysterious knitting spinster, observing and commenting on their actions? Who are the real women behind the public faces of the two most famous women of their day? What are all the stuffed toys called?

Humour, thrills, pathos and sleuthing combine to make this unique play a must for all lovers of crime fiction, secrets and comedy.

(Suitable for audiences aged 10 years and above.)

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