90’s American group, Backstreet Boys, brought their DNA World Tour to the Arena Birmingham last night and proved to the sold-out audience that they’ve still got it after 26 years.

Their latest album, DNA, was released back in January so this tour is designed to celebrate their most recent release but also to pay homage to their much-loved classics from the past two decades.

AJ, Howie, Brian, Nick and Kevin deliver a packed setlist with very little time off stage. Many songs segue into one another and they space out snippets of their new material across their nearly two-hour set.

The combination of staging, AV, lighting and sound have been expertly produced. Instead of the standard two screens either side of the stage, the geometric design allows for the screens to be suspended above the pentagonal thrust walkway. They are lowered in to reveal the boys at the start of the concert and then later in the show, the band are lifted up to perform a couple of numbers above the screens including a personal favourite, ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart’. The movers and laser lighting create phenomenal visuals, along with suitable AV to anchor the song being performed.

What was staggering was how each member of the group is still as strong vocally and choreographically as they were when they started out. Many bands show signs of deterioration after a long career but their maturity added to their charisma and no Dad dancing in sight! Individually, they had the opportunity to shine with solos but their biggest asset is their chemistry as a team on stage.

There is not a bad track performed and there is the perfect mix of ballads and upbeat numbers. The slower numbers showcase their superb pop vocals such as during ‘Shape of my Heart’ and ‘Drowning’ but they still maintain these standards during the crowd pleasers, ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ and their encore, ‘Larger Than Life’.

The audience's reaction throughout the concert spoke volumes (literally!) and the Backstreet Boys clearly have much more to give.

An exceptional merging of their music, past and present.

Backstreet Boys will play the O2 Arena in London on 17 & 18 June.

***** Five stars

Jenny Ell