An exciting programme designed to celebrate UK-based dance artists that bring life and joy to outdoor places. Hosted online and in Birmingham, the Outdoor Dance Showcase provides a platform for national and international promoters to connect and build meaningful relationships with a curated selection of outdoor dance artists looking to tour their work beyond borders.

Live performances, pitching sessions, informal networking opportunities and panel discussions: the Outdoor Dance Showcase creates spaces to foster fruitful international collaboration.


MIRAGE, A DAY OF CELEBRATION by Compagnie Dyptik - Fri 17 - Sun 19 June, Victoria Square, Birmingham 

UK premiere where fences, barbed wire, rusty metal sheets and hanging flags provide the backdrop to an athletic performance featuring traditional dances inspired by the experience of the inhabitants of a camp on the West Bank. Photo credit: MIRAGE(unjourdefe╠éte)@C.Detrezphotography .tif

SENSE by Critical Mass 

A new and original performance; an inclusive dance-participation project bringing together young people, with and without disabilities, from across the West Midlands.

Fri 17 June, Centenary Square, Birmingham

STEP HOP HOUSE by Folk Dance Remixed

‘Quirky, colourful and magical’ collision of traditional and hip -hop dance and music, presenting a unique remix of maypole, clogging, ceilidh, street, house and breakdance, with an added hint of African & Bollywood.

Sat 18 - Sun 19 June, Centenary Square, Birmingham


Mass-participation tap-dancing and storytelling ‘extravaganza’.

Sat 18 June, Brindleyplace, Birmingham​

CROWD_CTRL by AndroidX + Megahertz - Thurs 23 - Fri 24 June, Centenary Square, Birmingham  

Four dancers from London’s Dragonsquad busking crew (of Oxford Circus fame) turn their personal history of the Afrobeats movement into a futuristic odyssey in a high-impact dance, sound and visual experience for outdoor settings.


Brand-new dance in which choreographer Jamaal Burkmar reimagines the formation of our universe with collective human experience at its core.

Fri 24 June, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham

DEVA by Urja Desai Thakore & Hetain Patel

Challenging myths and expectations of the South Asian body in Indian classical dance, Thakore and Patel present the complexities of British Asian identity through a playful approach to classicism, connecting dance grammar and the everyday.

Fri 24 - Sat 25 June, Victoria Square, Birmingham

TIMELESS by Joli Vyann - Fri 24 - Sat 25 June, Victoria Square, Birmingham

New work which moves through the narrative of climate change, its consequences and the larger questions of how humanity copes with the precarious balance that could at any point tip into chaos.
Photo credit: Luke Witcomb

VOID by Company Chameleon

A male & female duet explore not only the space created by the pandemic but also what has moved into that space - both good & bad.

Fri 24 - Sat 25 June, Centenary Square, Birmingham

BORN TO PROTEST by Just Dance Theatre

The second part of a hip-hop dance theatre trilogy, created by Joseph Toonga, which highlights black excellence and challenges racial stigma.

Fri 24 - Sat 25 June, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham

DANDYISM by Patrick Ziza Dance - Fri 24 - Sat 25 June, various time & locations, Birmingham

Playful performance featuring high-stepping footwork and inspired by the original African Dandies who represented empowerment and post-colonial freedom. Photo credit: Roswith Chesher

BLACK VICTORIANS by Jeanefer Jean Charles

Exploring a complex but often forgotten black presence in pre-Windrush Britain, Jeanefer Jean Charles’ performance calls attention to previously hidden figures and challenges historical and contemporary perceptions. Main image credit: Glodhi Miessi

Fri 24 - Sun 26 June, Centenary Square, Birmingham 

BLAME GAME by Crying Out Loud

A genre-defying movement language is here used to explore the dirty politics of scapegoating.

Sat 25 - Sun 26 June, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham

BONDED by Alleyne Dance - Sat 25 - Sun 26 June, Victoria Square, Birmingham

Alleyne Dance here explore the construct of human dependency - especially that of siblings - and how time and external conditions can affect the synergetic connection. Photo credit: Lidia Crisafulli


Birmingham International Dance Festival 2022 takes place at various locations across the city from 17 June to 3 July. For further information on all events, visit