The Clean Kilo is to be Birmingham's first zero waste shop.

It will help limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, waste which threatens marine life and ultimately human health.

The Clean Kiko would like to give the choice back to the consumer to help significantly reduce plastic pollution by opening a supermarket in Birmingham where all products come without packaging.

Customers can dispense any amount into reusable containers which they buy from the store or they can use the free paper bags provided.

Their crowdfunding page is open until 17 January.

"The more contributions we receive the more dispensers we can afford and therefore the more products we can offer unpackaged to our customers. This will allow us to have a bigger impact on slowing down the amount of plastics that make their way into our oceans.

Additionally, there are lots of other cost associated with crowdfunding such as 5% charge on the total amount raised and 3% and a 30p per EACH transaction which is taken by the crowdfunding platform. Furthermore there will be 20% VAT on any contributions that have a reward as this will then technically be a 'purchase'."

For more information or to make a donation click HERE