Join in the nationwide applause commending the outstanding work our NHS are doing on the frontline of coronavirus - this Thursday at 8pm - and every Thursday!​

During these unprecendented times, NHS and other health and social care staff are working flat out to keep us safe. We, in return, have been instructed to remain indoors unless totally necessary in order to ease the strain on our health service - the least we can do given the dangerous and uncertain circumstances.

To further show our appreciation, a national effort has been launched to dedicate just a few moments of our time entirely to thanking NHS and other health and social care workers. This is similar to what we've already seen from communities in Spain and Italy.

Join us in a huge UK-wide applause this Thursday again at 8pm (from windows, front doors, balconies, living rooms, on your doorstep - wherever you find yourself) for all the doctors, nurses, carers, radiographers, anaesthetists, porters, cleaners, admin staff and more that are on the front line of the coronavirus crisis.