The fact that it boasts a cast of such colourful characters makes Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland an excellent and popular story to tell during the festive season. 

Birmingham Ormiston Academy are old hands when it comes to Alice. They previously presented the terrific tale only a handful of Christmases ago - in 2017 - so there’s little surprise that this latest production is such a confident and accomplished piece of theatre. 

In this particular version of the story, Alice is grown up and takes her three daughters on an epic journey down the rabbit hole and into the wonderful world of imagination and nonsense.

The show is vibrant, colourful and engaging from beginning to end, with visually impressive scenery, special effects that work really well, and quality performances by the actors which very much deserved the rapturous applause they received. 

All the usual suspects are present and correct too, including the White Rabbit - who continues to be late for a very important date - the delightfully crazy Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts - who’s still in the mood to chop off some heads - and the Cheshire Cat, whose eyes and smiling mouth are presented via the ingenious use of three parasols held by actors. 

My niece was enthralled from start to finish, and I was happy to join her in giving the show a big thumbs-up at the curtain call. This is one rabbit hole you’d have to be mad as a hatter not to take a trip down this Christmas. 

Five stars. Reviewed by Sue Hull on Saturday 27 November 2021

Alice In Wonderland continues to show at The Old Rep, Birmingham, until Friday 17 December.