Birmingham’s popular Sea Life Centre attraction has recently welcomed two rescue seals to their facility, after fostering them from their sister venues in Hunstanton and Scarborough.

Miley and Boo are now settling into their new home, a brand new state-of-the-art mammal rescue facility, which is said to have cost millions of pounds to remodel. We were treated to an early look at the arrivals yesterday, perfectly timed with the madness of the Easter holidays!

The seals have been relocated to Birmingham to free up space at the aforementioned coastal facilities during “pup season”, whereby the demand for seal rescues is extremely high. Miley and Boo both have medical conditions that mean they cannot be released back into the wild and Birmingham’s expert welfare team will be able to provide the care they require.

In the spectacular new area of the Sea Life Centre, the seals appear more than happy to entertain the crowds by approaching the viewing windows and spinning themselves around underwater. They also seem unperturbed by the tactile viewing encounter that allows children to immerse themselves in the underwater environment.

The exhibit has been designed to mimic a natural environment for the seals, from pumping natural noises into the facility to ensuring the water temperature is that expected of the sea. The attention to detail is evident and it is a stunning enclosure. In fact, this section of the venue now makes other areas seem a little tired and in need of some TLC.

Also around the edge of the facility, the Sea Life Centre has devised props to promote the threats to seals in the wild (something which they do brilliantly around the whole venue). This includes plastic pollution, climate change and most importantly, how we can help the situation. It was great to see children admiring this area as well as the animals.

Miley and Boo are wonderful additions to the venue, plus seeing them so happy and knowing they are being well looked after makes it even better.

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