Celebrity Chef Phil Vickery this month makes his debut at Shrewsbury Flower Show where he will showcase his extensive culinary skills with demonstrations on both days of the event. What's On recently caught up with the former This Morning presenter and author of The Canny Cook for some foodie chit chat...

If you could choose anyone in the world to cook for you, who would it be and what would you want them to create?
Gosh there are so many, but one could be Ken Hom the best Chinese chef ever. Or the late Keith Floyd
Reverse - Who would you love to cook for and what would you choose?
I have cooked for many famous people over the years, reckon it would have to be the late Bob Marley
Who has been your biggest inspiration as a chef and why?
Well, I’m largely self-taught and never did the traditional route of working for a world-famous chef or organisation. But I did have the pleasure to work with Keith Floyd once and in fact I model my presentation to camera in my demonstrations on him. In my mind he’s still the best.
Earliest food memory?
My father cutting up a pig on the kitchen table and eating welks and seafood on Blackpool seafront whilst my dad had oysters.
Day to day - what's your favourite food to cook and who are your favourite people to cook for?
I cook and continue to cook what I call real food for real people, using everyday ingredients that are affordable and where I can, in season. I like simple easy food that’s really tasty.
Five ingredients that every store cupboard should include?
Baked beans, canned tomatoes, frozen peas, dried pasta and my sausages.
Which kitchen gadget could you not do without, and why?
Small hand whisk. It's amazing how useful it is and it will always get you out of trouble.
What single piece of advice would you offer someone wanting to pursue a career in the kitchen?
Work hard, persevere, take everything in and read, read, read. Be open minded and above all question everything..
Love it or hate it - what are your favourite and least favourite foods?
Love, Rodda’s clotted cream, cottage pie, meat and potato pie, roast pork and meringues.
Hate, preserved ginger and in particular Ginger nut biscuits - Devil’s food.
Will there be a theme to your 'turn' at this year's Flower Show?
Oh yes, but you’ll have to come and watch me to find out.
Advantages and disadvantages of performing to a live audience as opposed to doing live TV?
Love a live audience, plus you can be a bit riskier in your presentation.
Disadvantage is you only get one go and if it goes wrong you can’t hide.
Top tip from The Canny Cook?
Think outside of the box, you’ll be amazed at the food you can produce from very few ingredients if you can master the basics.
Favourite way to unwind away from the kitchen
Travelling. I have been to over 40 countries and states whilst on This Morning. Failing that it has to be being in the pub with my mates. 

Shrewsbury Flower Show takes places at The Quarry, Shrewsbury on Friday 12 & Saturday 13 August. Click HERE for tickets