Talented Birmingham comedians, Jacob Lovik and Tyler Ross (aka Lovehard) delivered a no holds-barred, laugh a minute comedy in an enjoyable night of frights and bizarre characters in the House on the Hill at the OJS. Playing an American couple, the Kings, they move to very remote rural Scotland to receive a cold welcome from the locals who inform them of terrible events at their mansion. Desperately trying to bury their own shady past, the Kings experience all sorts of unexplained and funny events before they reach the truth. The two riotous leads never missed a beat, keeping the jokes coming with lightning quick delivery, and there were only two of them! Morphing into wildly different characters and accents in the same breath, their easy chemistry offset a remarkable comedic spontaneity and ease. I felt it started off strong, with a repertoire of wacky jokes and situations (the running joke about the babies and a certain, ahem, item was particularly good), but I zoned out towards the middle as they struggled to maintain the hilarity and pace. The genuinely creepy lights out section with the shrieking howls was also the best part, and it needed more of these moments to keep the momentum going. But the roaring audience showed a whole lot of love for Lovehard, and my very funny friend thought they were hilarious too! They managed to create a darkly atmospheric world of frights and suspense which kept us guessing in a small space and even smaller imeframe. Let’s hope the folks at the Edinburgh Festival show the same enthusiasm for this gifted Brummie duo!

Reviewed by Malaka Chowdhury