Bongo’s Bingo is very proud to announce a very special show on Saturday 3rd June at The Rainbow in Birmingham, as they bring S Club to the city for their Big Day Out open air daytime party and bingo extravaganza.

In just two raucous years Bongo’s Bingo has become a pivotal part of the country’s cultural landscape, with wild scenes taking place each night across the UK as the team move from city to city. It’s fast becoming a true phenomenon, one which has already re-shaped how people enjoy themselves and perhaps most importantly bringing back a sense of unadulterated fun and escapism to going out. The shows take place across the UK which continue to sell out in advance, with a vibrant mix of players flocking in from far wide for the riotous reinvention of a particularly unique fond British pastime, perhaps a little staid around the edges.

And in keeping with Bongo’s Bingo’s select special shows with iconic guests, the Big Day Out is set to be a real classic with some much-loved artists dropping in. S Club were one of the biggest bands of the late 90s and early 00s, with a huge catalogue of hit singles ranging from Don’t Stop Moving through to Never Had A Dream Come True, the band have had huge chart success worldwide. Expect plenty of hands in the air classics at the Rainbow.

It’s true that Bongo’s Bingo has to be seen to be believed – the show mixes the traditional elements of bingo with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, audience participation, endless hands-in-the-air anthems and of course winning prizes too, from Henry Hoovers to actual cold hard cash. It’s a sublimely chaotic experience, and predictably unpredictable – no two shows are ever the same, yet there’s a familiar thread of distilled mayhem, with magic running through each and every Bongo’s Bingo.

Organiser Joshua Burke explains: “We thought it would be a lot of fun to bring some of Bongo’s Bingo’s fave stars to Birmingham with S Club for our Big Day Out! We have done a few daytime shows and they are always great fun, everyone will be raring to go from midday. This one is going to very special and a great way to start the summer in style!”

Bongo’s Bingo’s Big Day Out with S Club is taking place at Rainbow Venues on 3 June.

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