The very first UK-based Escape Hunts will open this month with two games opening in Birmingham on 16 March, with booking now available.

Escape Hunt, the global leader in one of the fastest growing entertainment genres, will bring two of their original production games to The Square. Our Finest Hour and The Fourth Samurai are experiential games, challenging players to use their mental agility to solve a mission in a race against the clock.

Which Escape Hunter are you?

In a stressful situations you:

1. Independently work through the issues and focus on the detail
2. Talk less, do more! Jump in with both feet with your first idea and hope for the best
3. Take control and come up with a detailed plan of action for the whole group
4. Meditate until the solution comes to you

Your ideal Friday night is:

1. Settling down with a good book and drinking a craft ale
2. A spontaneous night out with people you barely know
3. Rounding up the troops and handing out a detailed itinerary of the night’s plans
4. An adventure to that new basement bar hidden behind a washing machine

People often describe you as:

1. Calm, collected and brainy
2. The life and soul of the party
3. Not afraid to speak your mind
4. On another planet

Your school report said:

1. A thinker, very bright but can be quiet in a group
2. Breaks the rules but gets the job done
3. Never lets anyone else have the last word, a touch on the bossy side
4. Spends a lot of time staring out the window and doodling

What’s your best character quality?

1. Your intelligence
2. Your laid back approach to life
3. Your confidence
4. Your imagination and creativity

If you were an ice cream flavour, you would be:

1. Neapolitan
2. Rum and Raisin
3. Mint Choc Chip
4. Raspberry Ripple

If you won the lottery, you’d be most likely to:

1. Buy a house, donate to charity and book a holiday with your friends
2. Blow it all on two weeks of living the high life
3. Go on the trip of a lifetime around the world
4. Invest in that wacky invention you’ve been designing for years

Which one of these appeals to you most:

1. A walk in a beautiful nature reserve
2. A wild night out
3. A sports tournament
4. A silent retreat

Your spirit animal is:

1. Owl
2. Lion
3. Cat
4. Butterfly

You mainly answered:

1 - The Problem Solver: The Problem Solver isn’t fazed when new obstacles arise. They’re logical, analytical, good with numbers and words, they’re always the ones to find solutions. But can they think fast enough? There’s no time to waste!

2 - The Risk Taker: Always on the hunt for the next adrenaline rush, the Risk Taker is curious, inquisitive and impulsive. Their quick-fire nature means they’re ahead of the clock and will jump in with both feet. Can they work in perfect harmony with the Problem Solver or will they be in direct opposition?

3 - The Leader: When the stakes are high and tensions at boiling point, the leader comes into their own. They’re normally the loudest and they’re always the one with the plan; when push comes to shove they’ll do all it takes to lead the team to victory.

4 - The Dreamer: Not content with surface appearances, this teammate is always thinking of the bigger picture and notices what others might have missed. They’re often day-dreaming or coming up with leftfield ideas but in this game, thinking outside the box might be just what’s needed.

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