Evolution, social media, single mums, bee sex, small-man syndrome and how to deal with burglars are among the topics under consideration in Glasgow-born Gary Meikle’s currently touring stand-up show. 

Gary’s fast-paced delivery and playfully dark style of humour has seen him score a massive hit with audiences - most significantly online, where numerous viral video rants about subjects including eyebrows, hair extensions and ‘dick pics’ have accumulated over 150 million views and counting.  

Gary gets much of the inspiration for his comedy from his own life, particularly from his experience of being a lone parent and now a grandparent. He lives with his daughter and granddaughter. “I’ve been stuck in lockdown with two generations of formidable Meikle women,” he says. “Believe me, they’re just as glad to see me hitting the road for this tour as I am!” 

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