With just a month to go until dozens of hot air balloons from across the globe ignite their burners at Telford Balloon Fiesta 2019, things are hotting up on the ground too, as ‘Ultimate Strongman’ prepares to come to town, brought to Telford in association with MKM Building Supplies.

Already a massive TV hit on Channel 5, Strongmen from across England and Wales will converge on Telford in two days of free to watch events at the fiesta, to battle for the honour of becoming their country’s National Champion.

Each day, in a gruelling four hours of head-to-head competition, 12 strength athletes will lift, carry, strain and shove their way towards the goal of returning home, trophy in hand as the Strongest Man in their home nation.

Wales’s Strongest Man Final kicks off at 1pm on Saturday 11 May with England’s Strongest Man Final the following day, Sunday 12 May again at 1pm. Both events take place at the Town Park’s QEII Arena.  

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