As petitions demanding the removal of Shrewsbury’s Clive of India monument continue to gain support, there is an increasing clamour for its place in the town centre to be taken by the Knife Angel statue from the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry.

The current national campaign for the removal of statues of slave traders, colonialists and imperialists means the Clive of India monument is one of a number across the UK under threat of being replaced.  
By contrast, the Knife Angel statue - also recognised as the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression - has been widely acclaimed. 

Commenting on the calls for the Knife Angel to be installed in Shrewsbury, a spokesperson for the Ironwork Centre said: “Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer Shrewsbury the Angel as it is still committed to being used on a national anti-violence tour, which raises and ignites educational programmes & events right across the UK. There is still a large volume of cities and towns wishing to host the Angel and embrace the compulsory 30-days of anti-violence education.”

The Ironwork Centre’s founder, Clive Knowles, added: “We would always wish to support Shrewsbury, and Shropshire as a whole, in undertaking any changes that the people wish to make. As the Angel is not available, we have offered our sculpture of Charles Darwin, which was created by local artist Luke Kite, or our latest creation, the Shropshire Woolly Mammoth sculpture. Both sculptures positively represent Shropshire’s history and have been offered at no cost to Shrewsbury. It is obviously a great honour to have our work featured in the town. However, we want to ensure that the public are thoroughly consulted and that their communal wishes are met before any changes are made.”