It may not be the beginning of 2017, and it's now way past that new phase where new years resolutions may only have lasted just over 48 hours. But now the year is settling in and the weather is turning for the better, this is the perfect time to think of how you can turn your winter hibernating routine into a fit and healthier new you.

Here are five ways you can get into shape...whether that’s stomping through mud or strolling through town.


Join a club

This may seem daunting to a lot of people, especially if you are new to the world of running. Believe me, if you haven’t persuaded a friend to come with you, then you should be proud of yourself for being brave enough to turn up on your own, and you may not be the only one there for their first time. After a few minutes you will fit right in and feel very welcome. 

Ludlow Runners

Ludlow Runners is a small, friendly road/cross country/fell running club based in South Shropshire. They offer a walk to run group every Thursday at 7pm - Membership is £18 per year. For more informatin click HERE

Telford Harriers

Training every Tuesday 7pm - £25 per year membership. More information click HERE

Oswestry Olympians

They organise alternative training runs in the fabulous countryside, meeting at different places in the area - £27 per year membership. More information click HERE

Shropshire Shufflers

Training run every Monday evening with alternative runs available - £15 per year membership. More information click HERE 

Wrekin road runners

Training every Tuesday night 7:10pm - £25 per year membership. More information click HERE

Dolly Mixtures Running Club

This is a great for club for absolute beginners. They do an introductory start up group for those who are transitioning from walking to running. This is their sofa to 5km course. More information click HERE


Do an event

The best way to get motivated to keep up your training is to enter an event. That way you are committed to it and this should give you the motivational push you need to resist getting cosy on the sofa instead. There are so many events around, especially in Shropshire, and they range from was to the super tough challenges. Not all events have to be tough. Why not do one that encourages fun with team members.

Powis 10k

Bluebell walk

Shrewsbury 10k

Bishops Castle Waking festival

Shrewsbury Half

Oswestry Half

Night run

The UK Mud Run



Take a daily stroll

While it’s light outside, or maybe the rain has stopped for a while, then why not stretch those legs and go for a walk. Even for fifteen minutes. If you work during the day, then you will have a break at some point, so why not use this time wisely and take a nice walk around the town/city/field. Whatever is accessible from your work place.

If you are lucky enough to have an hour break, then you have no excuse. Also a great way of exploring the surrounding area that your working town has to offer. Another great form of exercise is commuting by bike. Obviously within a reasonable distance. This also does wonders for your emotional mood as it releases those lovely endorphins.



Weekend walking

Everyone’s lives are so busy and fast paced these days and I can be sometimes impossible to put aside time to do things for yourself. Those plans to go for a walk after work most often don’t materialise with other aspects of life taking over. The weekend is a great time to get out and do something active and fun. You have more time to go exploring those hills, forests and country parks.

For some great walks in Shropshire take a look at Rhi's Rambles HERE



Join a different kind of gym

Joining a gym is a great way to get motivated. It gives you access to all sorts of group classes or even one to one personal training, and is great for the winter months where the weather can limit you to getting outdoors as much. But don’t think it then limits you to working out indoors where you may be missing out on the odd moment of sunshine available to us. Some fitness enthusiast are now taking to the outdoors to do their classes now, and this is becoming even more popular as the evenings are getting lighter. Since the introduction of those super fun mud obstacle races, there are more classes than ever with a focus on training specifically for these type of events. If you want to see what all the fuss is about then expect to be doing high intensity training with unusual training tools such as flipping a huge tracker tyre, or carrying a log from a to b. This makes it fun and a great way to train with friends.

Bootcamp & Outdoor fitness training

Venue: Salop Leisure on Emstrey Island, Shrewsbury SY5 6QS.

Shrewsbury’s only purpose built area dedicated to outdoor training. Private parking, barked and floodlit  workout area, enthusiastic and motivated trainers waiting for you!

They have sessions every all week except Fridays and Sundays. £6. More information HERE

Outdoor Gym

Venue: Shrewsbury Sports Village, Sundorne Rd, Shrewsbury SY1 4RQ

Shrewsbury outdoor fitness gym. Near the Shrewsbury Sports Village you find something like a trim trail. You will find pull up bars, high bars, incline benches, monkeybar, a climbing wall, dip possibilitys and many more outdoor gym reated stuff. Made for calisthenics, parkour, street workout, freeletics, outdoor fitness and bodyweight exercises. For running you can use the nearby paths which lead trough the woods. More information click HERE

The Fit Body Boot Camp

Venue: Bridgnorth Football Club & Endowed School

You will get 45 minutes of outdoor, fat burning group personal training sessions 3 times a week with one of the U.K’s leading fat loss experts. £79 for 12 sessions. More information click HERE



We are all different in our own lovely unique way, and everybody’s goals are unique also. You may want to become healthier, stronger or mentally more positive. It's not just all about exercise, it's also what you eat that helps towards a healthier you. Whatever your own personal goals are, the main thing is that you enjoy it. When you enjoy what you’re doing it won’ feel like a chore, but something you look forward to.