Owners of Shrewsbury's popular music venue, Albert's Shed, have today announced plans to open a sister venue in Telford.

Speaking about the expansion, David Gregg, General Manager at the venue, said "For Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury, live music is the primary concern, whereas generally live music tends to be a lesser consideration after the food and beverage elements of businesses in town." 

"We see the Shed’s role as being that of both entertainer and also to support musicians by providing a platform for emerging artists, locally, nationally and sometimes internationally. Not only do local audiences get to see the best of the underground music scene at a low cost (often free) but local artists are given opportunities to help them grow and develop into national touring artists.
We’re looking to apply what has made Albert’s Shed Shrewsbury such a success, to Albert’s Shed Southwater. Our goal is to create an established regional live music venue, a destination where live music fans can watch their favourite bands and discover the plethora of local talent in our area."

The venue will move into Southwater, Telford, opposite the ice rink with date yet to be confirmed.

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