It’s been a long time since I've dined at ‘the Home of Ramen in Shrewsbury’ - Momo’s The Noodle Bar. Is it as good as I remember? Yes - it absolutely is! 

An integral fixture of the Town of Flowers’ vibrant culinary scene, Momo’s is a fresh Ramen Noodle Bar serving delicious and authentic Asian cuisine. The popular independent prides itself on using only the freshest of ingredients from local suppliers and boasts contemporary decor - bright white & orange walls and modern furniture. 

Dining out, understandably, may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list at the moment. However, from the numerous hand-sanitising pumps to the sufficient spacing between the tables, Momo’s has everything covered to make diners feel at ease. Every member of staff was wearing a face covering - whether it be a visor or a mask - and kept sufficient distance, where possible, whilst serving.

To start, we ordered three dishes from the Izakaya (light bites) section of the menu: the restaurant’s infamous Piggy Bits - pork belly bites tossed in Korean BBQ bulgogi sauce (£6.50); Ebi Tempura - king prawns coated in tempura batter and served with a sweet chilli kewpie mayo (£6); and eight steamed pork & Chinese leaf dumplings with a mild Korean BBQ sauce (£7.50). 

The Piggy Bits were every bit as tasty as I remember, and the prawns and dumplings were equally enjoyable. The dumplings, seasoned and nicely cooked, were of a generous size, while the tempura batter coating the meaty prawns was of a perfect consistency.  Washed down by a cold, crisp pint of Poretti, they were three appetisers that I’d more than happily order again.

Now for the main event. Choosing from options which included a range of Donburi - topped sticky rice - Omakase - special noodle bowls - and Ramen, I went for the Miso Bomb - miso-glazed cod, bok choi, ramen noodles and an egg, all served in a beautiful seafood broth (£11). All elements were cooked to perfection - the cod in particular boasted a wonderful melt-in-the-mouth sensation and fell apart to the touch. It was bursting with flavour and nicely presented. To say I was happy with my choice would be an understatement. 

A long-standing menu feature at Momo’s is the option to ‘Pimp My Own Noodle’ - perfect for those who prefer to customise their dishes. Firstly, diners can choose from either Vermicelli Rice noodles or Chop Suey egg noodles. Next up are the sauce options: BBQ Bulgogi; Korean Red Pepper; Yakisoba; Oyster & Garlic; and Chilli & Sweet Soy. A portion of the noodles with your chosen sauce will cost you £8. Lastly, diners can add their protein - pork belly, chilli chicken and chilli squid all cost an additional £3, with spiced halloumi and tofu costing £2.50. My partner was thrilled with his choice of Chop Suey noodles, oyster & garlic sauce and chilli squid, topped with complementary peanut sesame crunch. I tried a piece of the squid. It was delicious and, as with the cod, perfectly cooked.

The portions at Momo’s are huge - a fact about which I was more than happy. Rather than having one each, my partner and I had to share a dessert - a rarity at the very least!

Our choice - Black Forest Brûlée - was significant in size too. Priced at £7, it was a creamy classic brûlée topped with sweet black cherry compote and chocolate cake. Yes, you read that correctly - chocolate cake! I’m pretty sure that it’s the first time ever that I’ve eaten a brûlée topped with cake. It certainly won’t be the last, though - it was thoroughly enjoyable. 

For those who aren’t comfortable with sitting in, Momo’s now offers both takeaway and delivery via the Zoom one-hour delivery website and app. As the cold weather creeps in, who doesn’t find the idea of a large bowl of warm, wholesome carbs delivered straight to your door appealing? It certainly sounds good to me!

★★★★★ Lauren Foster

19 Abbey Foregate
Tel: 01743 281770