Shropshire Drama Company (SDC) has organised a ‘record a reading’ competition based on the theme of Florence Nightingale, the famous Crimean War nurse whose 200th birthday is being celebrated this year.  

Examples of the type of piece that can be presented include: a poem about war; a work containing the name Florence or the word nightingale; something written in the year that Florence was born; an extract from one of her books or letters. 

Self-penned submissions from writers are also welcomed.  

Prizes will be awarded for the winning entries.

Depending on government guidelines regarding Covid-19, SDC aims to organise an evening of performances later in the year. 

Winners will be announced on 13 August, the date on which Florence Nightingale died in 1910.

Entry is free and submissions can be made by individuals or groups of no more than four people, where social distancing has been observed.

The submissions should be no longer than two-and-a-half minutes and sent to SDC by 31 July using the following media:

1. As an attachment in a message to SDC’s Facebook page at

2. File transfer using, for example, or Dropbox, and emailed to

3. A YouTube link emailed to
For more information, email SDC at:

Image is of SDC's production of As You Like It.