In March 2020, Telford is set to host the Angel in Southwater Square in the town centre where it will become a pivotal focus for visitors and Telford locals alike to view the Angel and its surrounding educational material.

The town are in full agreement for all hosting locations to use the Angel to undertake 28 days of intensive educational workshops and programmes for their community youth. The council will also submit a ‘Post Youth Engagement Appraisal’ following the end of the hosting period. This summary will detail how the educational programmes benefitted the community in terms of helping to turn the tide on violent and aggressive behaviour, and any ongoing plans they have to continue their efforts.

Being situated in the county of Shropshire, the British Ironworks Centre, said they are delighted to give Telford & Wrekin the opportunity to host the Angel. Since before the Angel’s conception, the Ironworks Centre have worked very closely with the West Mercia Police force, who were the first force to join the ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign all the way back in 2015 through various amnesties and knife banks.

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