The era of a crooner is a dying one and many believe the crooner is soon to be extinct. This modern world does not always seem the place for men of style and vigour. Men with a penchant for sentiment, romance and charm. Men who own tap shoes.

Crooners follows the story of three very British gentlemen who, by their very nature, exhume the characteristics of a crooner; suave, self-assured, stylish, as they defend the role of a crooner in our modern world and show that the crooner is not yet extinct! By the very same nature, it is not always obvious that these characteristics adopt quite so well by the quintessentially awkward British nature. Cue a splendiferous injection of British comedy. Tongue firmly in cheek.

This rip roaring comedy is chock-full of Big Band Swing and Crooner Classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Matt Monro, Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole – with music authentically recreated by the outrageous 9 piece The Mini Big Band fully live on stage.

A Brand New laugh out loud comedy for 2017 that bring together three of finest Crooners and the one of the UK’s finest modern Swing Bands in a two-hour spectacular that will have you laughing, singing, dancing and smiling from ear to ear.

Crooners brings down the house with some of the finest music ever written, a sensational live band, stunning vocal performances, superbly outlandish new comedy. You’re sure to have your socks blown right off…so if you ain’t wearing socks, be careful!

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