Heart-warming comedy starring Crissy Rock, Dolores Porretta, Leah Bell & Lee Brannigan.

When overzealous office manager Dave decides to put his cleaners, Gladys, Elsie and Olive, out to pasture, the three women wonder how they’re ever going to make ends meet. Until, that is, they have the brilliant idea of setting up The Telephone Belles - ‘a dirty sex chatline that really cleans up’! Benidorm favourite Crissy Rock stars.

CRISSY ROCK is playing the role of ELSIE COLLINS, who having moved to Liverpool from the northeast in her early teens, has found herself in later life back in Newcastle cleaning the same office block with her old friend Gladys! Despite the hands of time passing, Elsie remains, confident, comical, charismatic, and “up for anything!” Elsie has a heart of gold and a knack of turning most things into a bit of a disaster!

LEAH BELL  is playing the role of GLADYS PITT who is delighted to be back in cahoots  with her old mate Elsie Sullivan, not to mention their old Girl Guide Leader Olive Grant.  Gladys has led a quiet and uneventful life since her marriage to her beloved Billy who is thought of by Gladys as a Prince Charming on a white steed but thought of by Elsie as an old f.........

 DOLORES PORETTA BROWN is playing the part of the formidable OLIVE GRANT, ex Girl Guide Leader and self appointed head of the “gang of three!”  Olive has led an “up-market-Marks and Spencer type lifestyle” but despite being a Girl Guide Leader for 30 years, much to her disappointment, Olive is “reduced” to cleaning the same office block as Elsie and Gladys each weekend.

LEE BRANNIGAN is currently playing the role of DAVE SMITH the office manager. Dave is delighted at the prospect of “seeing the back end of these three cleaners. They have been the bane of his life throughout his time with the company!  Dave describes himself as a “Yuppie” which is definitely not how Gladys, Elsie and Olive describe him!!!

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