Lichfield Garrick has launched a new initiative to enable people to get involved in drama & theatre activities at home. 

Two new virtual 'theatre clubs' will be held online via Zoom in March, with 11 to 17-year-olds catered for on a Monday evening and participants who are aged 18-plus on a Wednesday.

Areas covered in both sets of workshops include:

Screen Acting: Learn the ins and outs of acting onscreen - and how less can sometimes be more - via a host of silly games, low-pressure performing and a supportive environment!

Improvising & Devising With Characters: Bring your characters to life with improvisation games, creative guidance and a focus on fun and support, to help you get to grips with active character engagement.

Scripts - Acting & Directing: Develop your skills as an actor and director, as you learn to bring a text off the page and into a performance space.

Foley Effects: Learn all about one of the lesser-known aspects of theatre and film, where, using household objects, you can create all the sound effects you want.

Participants can join for free, but should they wish to contribute a small donation to the running costs of the sessions, they can do so either during the booking process or via the link provided at the end of each session.

Interested? Click HERE for further information on how to book your place.