Commencing countdown …Engines on!

Lichfield Cathedral is all set to transform its interior space with spectacular light and sound installations as it launches ‘The Great Exhibition 2019’. This year’s theme is ‘Space, God, the Universe and Everything!

During the Great Exhibition 2019 you will experience walking on the moon as you take ‘One Small Step’ onto a 36m moon floor that covers the entire nave floor of the cathedral.  During the evening show visitors take a walking journey through areas of the cathedral that are transformed by the award winning artistic collaboration ‘Luxmuralis’ with art, exhibits, sound and light projections depicting the Apollo mission and human exploration for the 50th anniversary year of the moon landing. 

Visitors will see the original moon landing film in a recreation of a 1960’s living room; get taken to mars; see the Big Bang and the Creation story; contemplate personal journeys of exploration and wonder; help draw the largest universe; see a 4.5metre high rocket and experience a spectacular light and sound show that takes you to the edge of the universe and back all within the majestic 800 year old architecture.

Fun fact: The length of Lichfield Cathedral is almost the same length as the Saturn V Apollo launch rocket at approximately 370 feet. 

The whole experience has been created by cathedral artist-in-residence, Peter Walker working with composer David Harper as an artistic collaboration called ‘Luxmuralis’.  Through Son-et- Lumiere, sculpture and sound art pieces they transform and reinterpret the sense of place and space creatively helping members of the public to take a physical and emotional journey to identify with the subject and message of the artwork.

The Very Revd Adrian Dorber, Dean of Lichfield, explains: “For centuries humanity has stared at the stars and wondered. When in 1969 Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon that wondering began to become a reality.”


“The Great Exhibition 2019: Space, this year will allow visitors to take their own one small step as the astronauts did, but go much further, for as they stand on the ‘One Small Step’ moon installation 50 years since the Apollo 11 landing we will take them on "One giant leap" to the edge of the universe and back, all inside the stunning 800 year old Lichfield Cathedral.”


Previously, The Great Exhibition at Lichfield Cathedral has followed the themes of ‘Imagine Peace’ (2018) and ‘Earth, What a wonderful world? (2017) and has seen thousands of people experience Lichfield Cathedral in a whole new light. 

The Great Exhibition 2019: ‘Space, God, The Universe and Everything!’ Begins 8th August from 8.00pm and is on Thursday to Sunday each week including Bank holiday until 26th August.  Book Tickets in Advance Online ( £5 Adult £4 Child £16 Family ticket.  Or purchase tickets inside Lichfield Cathedral.