Join Richard Felix TV presenter, author and historian as he explores ‘What is a Ghost’. This entertaining interactive live show includes audience participation, with table tilting, glass divination, human pendulum, dowsing and lone vigils.


Even if you don’t believe in ghosts you may well leave this show scratching your head wondering ‘is there really is something in it?’


Richard has been frightened and fascinated by ghosts all of his life and has dedicated the last twenty five years to researching the paranormal. He has appeared on many TV programmes including Most Haunted, Forbidden History and produced over forty DVD’s in ‘The Ghost Tour of Great Britain’ series.

Friday 13 December. Tickets £19.95, please call 01782 232323 to book. Price includes a two course festive buffet served from 7pm followed by theatre performance 8 ‐ 10pm.


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