Political English thriller from crime novelist Hilary Bonner.

Bestselling crime writer Hilary Bonner’s fast-moving thriller focuses on the character of politician Peter George, a man admired by the British people for his determination to restore trust in a political system badly damaged by an era of sleaze and spin. 

But Peter has a shocking secret in his past -  one that threatens to derail him during a fiercely fought election campaign... 

Holby City’s Jeremy Edwards stars.

Written by bestselling crime novelist Hilary Bonner and billed as the most scandalous thriller of the year, Dead Lies visits Lichfield Garrick in May.

The play is set against the political backdrop of current-day Westminster and takes place during a fiercely fought election campaign. Wannabe prime minister Peter George is a politician who’s promising a new kind of politics beyond a culture of sleaze and spin. But as buried truths rise from the ashes, personal and political influences begin to shake the faith of those closest to him… 

Starring as Peter George is Hollyoaks and Holby City actor Jeremy Edwards. We caught up with him to find out more about the play. 

How do you feel about Dead Lies, Jeremy? 
I’m very excited. It’s an exciting piece of work that combines wonderful writing with a twisty story and addresses issues of the day at the same time. This has to be a world first. And it’s a fantastic opportunity for me. I’ve been waiting for such a strong piece of drama to come along for quite some time. Not only because it’s sexy, scandalous and mysterious, but also because it’s incredibly on-point.

Can you tell us about your character?
Peter George is an honest politician who wants to make the world a better place. If I could quantify his character in three words, they would be: smart, compassionate, honest. I can relate to him too, as I’ve always secretly had political aspirations, and I would certainly agree with all of his policies. 
I think it will be interesting to see audience responses to his speeches, as I think they will certainly ring true for today and may chime with people in an interesting way. 

Writer Hilary Bonner said that as soon as she saw you, she saw the Peter George that was in her mind when writing the play. How was it, working closely with Hilary in the development of Dead Lies and bringing her lead character to life?
She is a generous soul, so it’s not been daunting at all. She allows us to mould our speech a little to suit how we’re portraying her characters. I adore her, and I love crime fiction. I read it obsessively, so it’s been wonderful to work with one of the UK’s top crime writers. 

As this is a brand-new role, have you been able to make the character your own? And do you have a favourite scene in the show?
As we’re speaking, we’re at early stages, so the character will develop, but I feel very different when I’m Peter. I like being Peter; I feel comfortable, and that’s always a good sign. My final scene is my favourite - for reasons I can’t disclose!...

Why do you think people should come and see Dead Lies?
It’s a rollercoaster show which will keep you guessing until the very last minute. It’s also great to support new writing. There will be some fantastic performances, a stunning set, and it may make you think about politics…whilst trying to solve a mystery!

And finally… can you tell us whodunnit?
It was the Downing Street cat!
Dead Lies shows at Lichfield Garrick from Tuesday 24 to Sunday 29 May and Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, from Mon 27 - Thurs 30 June

on Wed, 04 May 2022

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