Join Iain Lauchlan and Craig Hollingsworth for a seasonal screening full of festive fun and magical mayhem.

Life has been turned upside-down in the village of Prickly Bottom. An evil Giant and his horrible henchman Fleshcreep have pinched the enchanted harp that helps keep Prickly Bottom peaceful, safe and prosperous! But Fairy Fluff thinks she’s found a way to save the day.

When poor Jack Trott is forced to sell his beloved cow Daisy, Fairy Fluff makes him a special offer in the form of some magic beans, Waking up the next day, Jack find a mysterious beanstalk growing in his garden and a magical adventure soon begins.

Filmed following the latest government guidelines on social distancing, Jack and the Beanstalk Online promises to be full to brim with slapstick silliness, crazy costumes aand lots magical make-believe.

Visit the Belgrade Theatre website HERE to find out ways to enjoy this fabulous festive offering.

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