An evening with the world's leading adventure traveller.

Arrested by the KGB, chased by cheetahs, hunting with the Bushmen of the Kalahari…Simon Reeve has lived quite a life, travelling and filming in 120 countries, including many of the most beautiful, remote and dangerous parts of the planet. Simon explores and explains the world to tens of millions of TV viewers globally, travelling in a unique way that blends adventure with serious issues. 

Simon changed his life, overcame his fears, and became a leading investigator, author and TV presenter. Hear inspiring stories from his travels of people who’ve overcome adversity, and how talent can be found in the most unlikely of settings. Simon will pepper his talk with extraordinary tales from his journeys that will fill your clients with awe. Whether delivering an After Dinner Speech, hosting an Awards Ceremony, or appearing in a Q&A, Simon will encourage and enthuse your clients and guests, inspiring and motivating the audience. 

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