With wondrous witches, Horrible Histories® and fearsome attractions, experience Warwick Castle’s best ever Haunted Castle event this Halloween! This year, Warwick Castle hosts three brand new scare attractions.

Warwick Castle certainly doesn’t do anything by halves when it comes to Halloween. 

The ever-popular visitor attraction is offering a whole host of suitably spooky scenarios for visitors to enjoy in the second half of the month,including a couple of new-for-2019 attractions.

Highlights include the Dead Of Knight scaremaze, in which the army of the dead rise up, and The Haunted Hollows, a Halloween trail where participants can expect to meet ‘creepy characters at every turn’. 

The ‘wondrous witches’ are back with a new show too, while a trip into the castle dungeon is probably best avoided if you happen to be of a sensitive disposition!  

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