Did you know that subscriptions don’t just come in the form of recipe boxes, Netflix and magazines? You can get pretty much any subscription package you can think of delivered right to your door - everything from gin and tea, to arts & crafts and treats for your furry friend.

Here at What’s On, we’ve researched the 20 best subscriptions on offer in 2020 so you can snap them up in time for New Year. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, or subscribe as a Christmas gift for a loved one, there’s something for everyone in this guide…


Sweets In The City | sweetsinthecity.co.uk

Best for: Regular Office Treats (get the boss to pay!)

The Sweet Society members pay a monthly fee to receive a brilliant box of sweets every single month. These monthly sweet boxes are curated by the experts and include a mixture of Boiled, Fizzy, Retro, Jelly and Chocolate treats, along with some carefully-selected seasonal surprises (think heart-shaped jelly beans in February, fruity fizz in the summer months and vampire teeth in October).

Frequency: Monthly only

Sizes: Letterbox Treats (4 yummy sweet bags, £12.50)  and City Sharer (12 gorgeous goodie pots, £25)

Flavourly | flavourly.com

Best for: Options

Flavourly collaborates directly with top craft brewers to help you enjoy exclusive, high-quality and great-tasting craft beers. They have two subscription services: Subscribe & Save and the Craft Beer Discovery Club.

Subscribe & Save (£26.90): These are brewed fresh exclusively for the Flavourly community and delivered to you at unbeatable prices. The subscription box features 20 craft beer. Frequency: Monthly, every 2 months or every 3.

Craft Beer Discovery Club (£19.90): Each month Flavourly’s resident beer geeks scour the globe for the most delicious craft beers the brewing world has to offer, from hoppy pale ales to robust stouts and everything in between. This subscription features 8 beers, The Flavourly Magazine and a snack. You can also choose between getting the Light or Mixed Box. Frequency: Monthly only.

Craft Gin Club | craftginclub.co.uk

Best for: The Complete Package

Craft Gin Club offer you the UK’s #1 gin subscription service. Every month, they select one of the world's finest small-batch gins, including limited and exclusive editions not available anywhere else. Over a year, it’s usually 6 from the UK and 6 from the rest of the world. What's in the box is a surprise until it arrives, but always includes a full-size bottle of craft gin, paired mixers for delicious cocktails, snacks, and Craft Gin Club’s 56-page club magazine. You only pay for the months you get a box (£40/m). Get 30% off your first box with code DECEMBER30.

Frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly

Oat Pantry | oatpantry.com 

Best for: Natural Flavours  

Oat Pantry are the granola and porridge flavour pioneers. Baked in small batches in their Shropshire kitchen and mixed with the best British wholegrain oats, Oat Pantry hand craft granolas and porridges with only 100% natural, ethically and locally sourced ingredients, zero refined sugar and vegan friendly recipes. The packaging is made from a paper based material, this means they can be recycled along with your paper and cardboard, or composted. In your subscription, you can choose different flavours each month, including Chocolate Orange or Carrot Cake porridge and Maple & Pecan or Dark Chocolate and Cherry Granola. You can also select the number of 400g bags (£4.99) in your subscription, meaning you can buy for one, a whole family or even cater for an office-load of staff.

Frequency: Monthly only

Pong | pongcheese.co.uk

Best for: First Box Offers

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with Pong’s Cheese Club: regular deliveries of amazing cheeses, direct to your door! Each superb monthly box is specially selected to give you a variety of seasonal flavour combinations, so you can experience the best cheeses from the UK and worldwide. Typically you’ll get 4 cheeses of approximately 50g to 200g each. Prices start from £22 a month. You can also customise your box according to your taste by choosing No Goat’s Cheese, No Blue Cheese and Veggie only. Get 50% off your first box!

Frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly

The Cake Tasting Club | thecaketastingclub.com

Best for: Customisation

The Cake Tasting Club hand bake all their goodies from traditional recipes passed down through their families - they just add a tasty, contemporary twist! They use delicious ingredients and ethical packaging. Just give The Cake Tasting Club (from £7.75 a month) a try, boxes contain a mix of cakes, brownies, bars and biscuits/cookies, or just a brownie box. The Cake Tasting Club’s brownies are award-winning!

Frequency: Monthly only

Sizes: For one, a classic size with 4 portions, or a family box of 8.

Bird & Blend | birdandblendtea.com

Best for: Unique flavours

Each box is handpicked by Bird & Blend’s Chief Mixologist Krisi and contains 3 x 20g pack packs of loose leaf tea (£7/ month + £2.95 delivery) - enough to make up to 30 cups of tea every month! This subscription is prized for its unique flavours and early access to the latest limited edition blends. Each box is themed by season and upcoming events, so you’ll always have the perfect tea ready for every occasion! Bird & blend offer three variations in subscription: the standard Tea Club, Decaf Tea Club and Allergy Tea Club.

Frequency: Monthly only

Craft Coffee Club | craftcoffeeclub.co.uk 

Best for: Charitable Partnerships

Sit back and relax while Craft Coffee Club venture the globe to discover new, five-star quality coffees. Every coffee is elegantly unique, bringing you a quality that exceeds fair trade. With every subscription (from £24.90/month), a donation is ploughed straight back to the communities from which beans are sourced, helping their businesses, communities and families to prosper. Just some of the causes Craft Coffee Club support in these areas include provision of WaterAid pumps, sponsoring school children, helping re-forestation efforts and promoting sustainable income. A collection of partners have been handpicked by Craft Coffee Club to fill boxes with sweet and savoury snacks to accompany the two 250g bags of coffee. Craft Coffee Club are also committed to being a carbon-neutral business, ensuring that, where possible, packaging and boxes are made using only recyclable and compostable materials. 

Frequency: Monthly only



The Willoughby Book Club Ltd | thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk 

Best for: All Ages

The Willoughby Book Club offer a range of book subscription box gifts for a variety of ages and interests - from picture books for babies and children, to books for young adults, fiction lovers, budding chefs, natural history nerds and even couples - all available in 3, 6 or 12 month packages (from £34.99). Just answer a few short questions about yourself or your loved one’s reading preferences and interests, and each month Willoughby will send out a new book that's been handpicked to match those individual tastes by a team of literary experts. For every book subscription box sold, we donate one new book to Book Aid International. These donations will support the vital education and literacy development work that the charity performs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Choose a genre for your subscription, or create an entirely bespoke one - perfect for the genre-hopping bookworm in your life.

Frequency: Monthly only

Mysteries in Time | mysteriesintime.co.uk 

Best for: Educational 

Mysteries in Time is a time machine subscription box to help kids engage with world history. Each month a time machine is delivered to your door bursting with fun activities, so your 7 - 11 year old can have an educational adventure. Follow Max and Katie as they travel back in history to solve a mystery in the illustrated adventure story and learn fun facts in the colourful history magazine. Get creative and make a stunning craft and have fun solving the puzzles. This exciting journey through history starts in Ancient Egypt. Other stops in history include Elizabethan Era, Evacuees in WW2, Ancient Greece, Wild West, Aztecs, Ancient Rome, Victorians, Vikings, Ancient China, Space and the Stuarts. You can choose the Classic (£7.95) or Bumper editions (£12.95) for your child on a 1, 3, 6 or 12 monthly plan.

Frequency: Monthly only

Cosykiller | cosykiller.com

Best for: The Amateur Detective & Puzzle Master   

Cosykiller is a story line that allows YOU as the detective to solve a murder set in the golden age of fiction. Over the 12 boxes (£25/month) that make up the story you will receive clues, keepsakes, ciphers and mementos which you need to review and unravel. Cosykiller is like an Agatha Christie novel but with you playing Miss Marple! CosyKiller is the brainchild of Red Herring Games LTD – award winning specialist murder mystery providers who have been taking the world by storm for over 10 years. At the moment there are two stories to pick from, but there are more in development.

Frequency: Monthly only

Scrawlr Box | Scrawlrbox.uk 

Best for: A Crafty Surprise

Scrawlr Box is perfect for the artist in your life. This subscription delivers a mystery monthly box of premium art supplies (£15/month) to your door. Each box is inspired by a different featured artist and their techniques, featuring a write up of each tool used to recreate their style, including pens, pencils, paint, brushes, canvas and more! Scrawlr Box is suitable for artists of all levels and abilities.

Frequency: Monthly Only



Be Right Back | berightback.travel

Best for: Adventure

From just £49.99/month, you can enjoy the feeling of always having travel in your calendar - without spending hours organising and planning. Your subscription to BRB unlocks 3 trips a year (2 nights, 3 days in 3* and up central accommodation) to one of 60+ destinations. You pick your dates, they book your return flights and accommodation. Their team of experts book your surprise trip and reveal your destination and hotel one month before travel with a postcard delivered to your door. Travel has never been more exciting! BRB’s travel experts tailor each trip to your needs so you know you’ll always end up somewhere you’ll love - just use your personalised profile to tell them your available travel dates, where you want to fly from, break type and update your bucket list of destinations. They also won’t send you to the same place twice, unless you want them to! BRB also have a get your money back guarantee, so any money in your BRB account not committed to a trip is refundable at any time, kind of like a savings account for travel.

Frequency: Monthly only

Birchbox | birchbox.co.uk 

Best for: A Beauty Queen

Get the UK's No.1 Beauty Box with 5 beauty treats tailored to your skin, hair and style (£10/month). It’s like a present to yourself every month! Each month Birchbox will send you 5 deluxe sample and travel size beauty products (including the occasional full-size!). You can expect a mix of make-up, skincare, body, and haircare to upgrade your beauty routine. After checkout you’ll be able to complete your Beauty Profile, which Birchbox will use to tailor your future boxes. Oh, and they’ll never send you the same product twice!

Frequency: Monthly only

Seed Pantry | Seedpantry.co.uk

Best for: Green Fingers

Seed Pantry’s Grow Club is gardening made easy - perfect for booting your borders or dipping your toe into growing-your-own. Each monthly box delivers seeds perfect for planting that month straight to your door, with expert ‘how to’ growing guides included. You can also customise your subscription; choose whether you want yours to be all flowers, all food or a mixture of the two. Seed Pantry is suitable for new and experienced gardeners alike - everyone wanting to grow food and flowers, create green spaces, learn to grow, try new plants available on the market and keep up with the latest gardening trends, along with great savings too! 

Frequency: Monthly only

Sizes: Discovery Box (6 choices for smaller spaces, £12.99) or Pro-Box Food & Flower Spaces (10 choices for bigger spaces, £19.99)

Freddie’s Flowers | freddiesflowers.com 

Best for: The Proud Homeowner & Flexibility

All of Freddie’s Flowers come straight from the grower so they're the freshest around – and you get a lot more bud for your buck! Each week Freddie chooses the best flowers of the season and puts together a beautiful bunch for you to arrange at home (£24/week). This way they're all cut to order, with no middleman, so you get more flowers and they're all super fresh. Going away? Don’t want flowers every week? You can skip any deliveries you like using our online calendar. Every delivery comes with its own guide to arranging the flowers as well as lots of background knowledge about the ones you've received... You’ll be a floral guru in no time! Freddie’s fabulous Flower Food will keep your flowers looking stunning for ages; it also comes in a compostable sachet which biodegrades at the same rate as a banana skin.

Frequency: Weekly

Jack’s Flight Club | jacksflightclub.com  

Best for: The Savvy Traveller

This isn't quite a deliver to your door subscription, but all you need to do is give Jack your email address and sit back and relax while he and his team scour the internet for the best flight deals out there. Joining Jack’s Flight Club is completely free and you’ll get one or two emails per week with the best short and long haul flight deals from UK airports. However, they also offer a paid Premium Membership (Quarterly £15, Semi-annual £25, Annual £39) which gives access to ALL the deals (4x as many), plus a few other swanky perks like weekly ‘weekend trip’ alerts and more. The Jack’s Perks feature (available only to Premium members) also nabs you an additional £150 worth of travel-related discounts and freebies. You get to try out Premium for yourself and, if you decide it’s not for you in the first 30 days, simply drop them an email to be refunded in full - no questions asked.

Frequency: At least once per week, dependent on your plan

Postman Pooch | postmanpooch.co.uk 

Best for: Man’s Best Friend

This monthly dog box (from £14) brings joy to a dogs life each and every time they see it delivered by the postman. Each month Postman Pooch introduce new healthy treats, toys and accessories that dogs love, all of them tested on founder Ben’s own pawsome pooch. His Pupstomer Satisfaction Guarantee means that if your dog doesn't like a treat they receive, you’ll be sent a replacement.  Enjoy 3, 5, 7 or 10 items in your box, which is tailored to the size of your dog - from puppy to large - and their playing habits (such as heavy chewers). You even get a free handmade dog bow tie with your first box!

Frequency: Monthly only

Cat Hampurr | cathampurr.co.uk

Best for: Your Puurfect Pet

When you sign up for a Cat Hampurr (from £8/month), you will receive a box of carefully selected feline products and presents for your kitty – anything from hand-made toys and premium, healthy and all-natural food and treats, to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets! Cat Hampurr care about the health and happiness of cats and therefore only include the best quality products available, personally testing all the products. This subscription box is the monthly necessity for keeping your cat entertained, healthy and feeling special.

Frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Double Helpings

Flying Vinyl | flyingvinyl.co.uk  

Best for: The Cool Customer

For LP puritans and trend-hunters alike, Flying Vinyl sends out a monthly discovery box (£20/month) of their favourite new artists, pressed exclusively on to vinyl – featuring five exclusive indie, alternative and rock 7-inch records, plus info, merch and extra-special treats.

Frequency: Monthly only