The Coventry Music Museum is the place. August is the month, 12 noon is the time. 

Our Ghost Town Car is the stage...yes really..

They said it would never work, and they are probably right…

Since acquiring the original Specials Ghost Town Car at The Coventry Music Museum in January, it has become something of a centre-piece, so with that in mind August will see the Vauxhall Cresta PA become the stage to a series of one-off performances. Yes actually using the car as the stage! Each set will last around twenty to thirty minutes and will be live and networked to other rooms in the museum. Entry is the normal £3.00 adult entry fee, all performances  begin at 12.00 noon. 

Museum Curator Pete Chambers BEM said of the events, "Expect the unexpected, this is unique as are the performers, the car is much more than a photo opportunity, so we want to use it to its full potential.  This is perfect having creative people actually performing in our amazing car. I personally can't wait to see it". 

Sat Aug 3rd – Nick Knibb Our Poet in Residence

 ‘Tales from a ‘61’ Vauxhall Cresta’” 

Sat Aug 10th—David Goody  Comedic songs of our city

 “The Day I Bought The Ghost Town Car" 

Sat Aug 17th— Morocco Dave Electronic wizardry 

“Ghost Town Variations”

Sat Aug 24th—‘Crokodile ‘Chris’ Sidwell  Sweet and quirky songs

Sings songs about “Trains, Pains and a 2-Tone Automobile”

Sat Aug 31st—Rich Coad  Situation comedy

“Comedy in The GT Car”

With thanks to Steve Kearns and his Ghost Town Car team and Simon Shaw and his video skills.