Curator of the Coventry Music Museum, Pete Chambers, is to host his own show on Coventry IPTV, Coventry's only digitally streamed TV station.

Pete's new show called Time Drive will be dedicating each episode to a specific year in time and invites guests (car stars) along to pick their favourite tunes and talk about their lives and careers. The twist is that it will all be done from the Ghost Town Car *, hence the name Time Drive.

Pete said, "As you can imagine I am very excited about this, not just my show but the idea of such a network in Coventry is a wondrous project. The very first episode will air very soon and can be watched online at  

The very first show will look at the year 1972. This was the year that Lieutenant Pigeon topped the charts, so it makes sense to have Nigel Fletcher from the band as car star. I'm hoping that I get the support of the public. If you would like a dedication on the show, please contact"