Diana The Musical will be streamed on Netflix next year before it makes its official Broadway debut.

This is the first time a Broadway show has gone straight to the small screen before its theatrical debut.

Broadway theatres remain closed during the pandemic and may not reopen this year, according to experts.

The musical, based on the life story of Princess Diana, is now not scheduled to open on Broadway until 25 May next year.

A filmed version of the musical, featuring the original Broadway cast, will be made without an audience in New York. Neftlix hasn't given a date for when this will be streamed on its site.

In a statement, the show's producers said: "Though there is no substitute for live theatre, we are honoured to be a part of the quality entertainment that Netflix provides its subscribers worldwide." 

The production, which was originally set to open this March, had been running in previews at the time of theatre shutdowns in the US.

Other Broadway shows have also been streamed but only after they were performed to live audiences. Disney+ began streaming a filmed version of runaway Broadway hit Hamilton earlier this summer.