An international travel journalist with over 5 million global readers has visited Warwickshire to put the region’s top tourist attractions in the international spotlight.

The Destination Management Organisation for South Warwickshire, Shakespeare’s England, organised the trip with Janna Graber, the Editor of Go World Travel Magazine and a writer for the Epoch Times, to promote the region’s top hotels and tourist attractions to a global audience.

During her time in the UK, Janna was able to visit Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, RSC, Shakespeare’s Schoolroom and Guildhall and the Mallory Court Hotel to get a flavour of what American tourists to Shakespeare’s County can expect during their vacations.

The trip was organised by Shakespeare’s England in partnership with England Originals who provide funding for these excursions to encourage new visitors to the UK to travel to different locations through the easily accessible rail routes from London.

As part of the Thinkers and Writers itinerary which is targeted at American tourists looking to travel from London to historic cities across the UK, the journey also includes stops in Worcester and Oxford to experience the tourist hotspots in these areas as well.

Helen Peters, CEO of Shakespeare’s England, said: “As the DMO for South Warwickshire, Shakespeare’s England works to promote the region both for domestic and international tourists and through trips such as this one we are able to spread the word about our wonderful county globally.

“It’s important that with the uncertainty of tourism into the UK currently, we continue to encourage new visitors to the area as we enter the peak summer period for tourism.

“We look forward to continuing to promote Warwickshire on the international tourism stage and to encourage tourists to venture further than just London on their next trip to England, we’re only just over an hour away from the capital after all!”