Solihull archivists are encouraging residents across the borough to keep a ‘coronavirus diary’.

Local historians are asking for details to be recorded in whichever way suits them in the hope that the everyday experiences during this time can be kept for posterity.

Solihull’s Head of Heritage, Tracey Williams, said: “At Solihull Heritage and Local Studies we try to make sure that we are collecting items that will help future historians understand the history that we lived through.

“Official reports will give the statistics of the COVID-19 pandemic, but won’t include the stories of everyday experiences and people’s feelings.

“Please help us to document what it’s like so that future generations can understand what we went through.

“If you live, work or study anywhere in the Solihull borough, we’d encourage you to keep a diary in whatever form you like, whether handwritten or typed, or video or audio, and as detailed as you wish. Record what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, and how the situation is affecting you and your family.

“We’ll respect your privacy and will ensure that everything you send us will be treated with care and sensitivity, and we will always follow data protection laws.

“If you have any questions, please email us at”