This month’s Change Festival - taking place at Coventry’s Warwick Arts Centre from the 5th to the 7th - is inviting visitors to ‘rise up’ to the challenge of climate change via a programme of theatre, cabaret, discussions, music, workshops, craft and film.

With more than 25 events to choose from, the event will share stories and inspiration about how people can individually and collectively make a difference in terms of the ongoing climate & environmental crisis. 

The broad and welcoming festival programme for all ages has been especially selected to support audiences to feel motivated, inspired and hopeful that a better future is possible.

 Here are just a few of the festival highlights:

Love Letters To A Liveable Future - Fri 5 November

Part documentary film, part live discussion, this virtual event invites you to explore the power of the imagination to stimulate hope and shift mindsets.

Beethoven’s Septet Featuring Oh, The Things We’re For! – Sat 6 Nov

A beautiful, classical, music adventure for all generations, a celebration of children’s passion for change. 

Cloudscapes: Audio Tour / Storytelling - Sat 6 Nov

A contemplative artwork where you are invited to stop and cloudgaze and consider your place in the world. Lie back on giant comfortable beanbags and listen on headphones to the 45-minute piece.

The Cocoa Butter Club Cabaret  / Post Show - Sat 6 November

The ultimate creative clap-back! In this spirited evening of cabaret and discussion, The Cocoa Butterclub will "decolonise & moisturise” the stage, redistributing the narrative of bodies of colour, providing agency and autonomy in celebrating our capabilities.

What the Tortoise Taught Us - Family / Puppetry - Sat 6 November

Zelva is the oldest and wisest giant puppet tortoise who plods along with her keeper, encouraging us all to just go a bit slower, take our time and consider our place in the world. Meet her in the foyers!

Amazon Visions Family / Puppetry - Sat 6 November

Quechua theatre-maker José Navarro works with an exquisite cast of hand-made puppets to tell the story of the Peruvian Amazon. This is a tale of the region’s intricate links to the global ecosystem and to the Indigenous people who care for it.

The Activist Clown Toolkit Workshop / Theatre / Comedy - Sat 6 November

What can the wisdom of the clown bring at this time? How does humour and playfulness help us to address complex issues and emotions about the climate crisis? And how can clowning be used as a powerful tool in the process of change; transforming participants, audiences and in some cases the powers that be? This brilliant 2-hr workshop will set you up with all the tools you need to get started.

Rise Up Discussions - Fri 5 Nov - Sun 7 Nov

Led by international change-makers who will share their wisdom on how we can live and thrive in the world differently.

Nevergreen Theatre / World premiere - Sun 7 Nov

Nevergreen tells the astonishing untold story of Rachel Carson: trailblazing scientist, writer of the epoch-making Silent Spring and reluctant pioneer of the environmental movement.

I stand for what I stand on – Sun 7 Nov

Poignant new theatre about teenagers growing up in a climate crisis. Under 18s go for free.

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