Coventry University and the University of Warwick have selected a number of local artists to receive a grant to enable them to continue their work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Grants will also facilitate a collaborative process with researchers from the social sciences, arts, science and medicine from across both the city’s universities.

Coventry Creates will provide up to £2,000 to fund chosen projects which allow artists to keep producing artwork for a digital exhibition in the run-up to UK City of Culture 2021.

The collaboration between Warwick and Coventry follows a new Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities that provides them with new opportunities to work together to the benefit of arts & culture throughout the region.

The full list of artists and projects awarded the grant is as follows:

Mary Courtney - Identity of creative individuals living in Coventry.

Gemma Foy - Twinning, the importance of internationalisation and peace and reconciliation

Emily Warner and Lucy Hutchinson - Research into Care Companion - a resource for carers from WMS that supports family carers through digital access to info.

Frances Yeung - Homeless Monopoly boardgame which is used as a tool for exploring issues around homelessness

Verity Pabla - Mapping women’s suffrage in Coventry

Paul O’Donnell - Building capacity of refugees through drama and language workshops - especially in the context of Covid-19

Stamp Theatre - Research around psychosis and mental health - portrayed through a drama production

Kieran Lucas - Working with ‘found sounds’ in Coventry Cathedral archive and interdisciplinary researchers in Warwick’s Institute of Advanced Teaching & Learning to produce performance soundscapes

Lucie Felix - Exploring reading, books and the experience of using books

Highly Sprung - Making short films at home

China Plate Theatre - Audio recording exploring emotional impact on healthcare professionals during the pandemic contrasted with the hero narrative

Theatre Absolute - Using projection of arts as a form of performance during lockdown

Marius Mates - Podcast on dance and architecture in Coventry

Laura Nyahuye-Maokwo - The artist and the professor, the mother and the wife: reflections on migration, resilience and hope in times of crisis

Eddie Jo Murray - VR film to explore people’s emotions in public spaces and where crowds form.

Main image is From Verity Pabla and The Pips - Mapping women’s suffrage in Coventry