Black Country Living Museum will be hosting a dangerously fun half term to explore the devastating disasters and downright bad luck that plagued Black Country workers of the past. Join in an activity trail, take on the role of a journalist and even test your own toy rocket car to its limits!

Before the age of health and safety, many a mishap befell the people of the Black Country – working during in the 19th century was downright dangerous! Come along and get stuck into an explosive day full of misadventures for all the family.

Meet the incorrigible union representative as he fights for workers’ rights after a mishap at the rolling mill. Can he convince the factory manager to change his ways, or are his workers doomed to unsafe working conditions?

Piece together the calamities and debacles of the past as you put on your journalist hat and follow the treacherous trail from disaster to the next. A boiler has exploded, the workers are ‘up in arms’ and someone has even lost a finger or two – can you come up with some eye-catching headlines and break the story to the public?

Don’t forget to watch your step as you explore the shops and houses. Mis-shaped stairs, burns on the cooking range and even adulterated bread - the home was truly a dangerous place to live in the past!

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