Step back in time to the roaring twenties and discover the murky underground world of the Peaky Blinders in this unique event that takes immersive entertainment to the next level.

Explore the set of the smash hit BBC1 series as you stroll around the Shelby’s scrap metal business ‘Charlie’s Yard’ where illegal goods are moved along the historic Birmingham canal network. Follow in the footsteps of the actors and keep an eye out for props from the series.

Throughout the evening the 26 acre living museum will be transformed by live vintage music, dancing, incredible drinks and mouth-watering street food. Explore period shops and houses; take a peek inside a gambling den and even sip on some of Arthur’s bootleg whiskey!

Watch out though – this is gang territory, and the police will stop at nothing to hunt them down. Perhaps best to stay out of the way, who knows what could happen?

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