Take a trip through a land of enchanted tales and Christmas magic. Watch out for the fairies and their special tales, meet Santa and his elves at the North Pole and laugh out loud at Krazy Kris and his mad cap pantomime as he tries to grow a giant beanstalk and outwit a giant. 

It's a well kept story but fairies live deep in the caverns and tunnels underneath Dudley and these Fairies love nothing more than to write new tales and stories. Books filled with dragons and giants, glass slippers and magic beans, tales of daring and magical acts and stories filled with magic and spells. Once a year, when the magic is at its strongest and when Santa comes to visit, these stories fly out of the tunnels and out into the world for all to hear. 

With a gift for every child and a hot drink and mince pies for the adults, everyone gets a treat during this amazing experience.


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