Bursting at the seams with talent and full of variety, you can expect comedy, music and even a tribute or two!

Let's start with the comedy - Dandy are the number one comedy act on the Black Country circuit and now causing a storm at the Peaky Blinder theme nights! Ollie Spencer stormed it on his first tour in 2018 and he’s back hosting the show with a bag full of gags for you.

We have a new act on the show… Emma Rollason (of Fizzog fame) is bringing her wonderful tribute to the original Black Country comedienne, 'Dolly Allen'.

Ladies and gentlemen the musical accompaniment will be from Joe Thomas who made a massive impression on his theatre debut last year. He's back with his ukulele (I know it looks like a banjo).

Last, but certainly not least, the incredibly talented Vivo. Great musicians who put on a wonderful show… we know you are going to love them.

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