The Sweetshop Murder is a ‘true-crime’ noir thriller, set in Birmingham and the Black Country, which re-investigates a 62-year old murder mystery. 

When teenage boys stumble across the body of Fred Jeffs on Good Friday 1957, it sends shockwaves around the seemingly peaceful neighbourhood of Warley, where the dead man ran his sweetshop. Despite a Police manhunt, the investigation soon dries up, but rumour and speculation persist…. 

So, what really happened to Fred Jeffs?

Using newspaper archives and the recorded memories of local residents who remember the case, Graeme Rose pieces together the fateful, jigsaw-like mystery of his great uncle, Fred Jeffs. He discovers what impact the murder had upon the local community and invites you to join in with the investigation. Will someone in the audience shed new light on the mystery, and help crack the case?

Graeme will host a Question & Answer session at the end of each performance to discuss the case, and how the show was made. There is also a Podcast available, so you can hear more about the story in the comparative safety of your home!

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