British/Argentinean artist Amalia Pica is best known for producing installations and sculptural works which explore forms of communication and realms of civic participation.

Her latest presentation, a major solo exhibition, aims to explore the material culture of bureaucracy, as exemplified by shredded paper and items of office stationery.

Pica uses her personal experience of obtaining British citizenship - and the wider context surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union - to provide a unifying conceptual framework for her show.

“Every now and then, there is a moment when things fall together and events string into narratives,” says Amalia in explaining her art. “In such a moment, things appear to make sense - but, like any moment, it’s temporary. It’s that sense of time as something lived and fleeting that I try to capture in my work. My art comes together to exist, to make sense of something or of itself, and then to fall apart.”

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