This new exhibition will include some of the previous works, together with new images created since the last exhibition.  If you love Weston Park, you’ll be sure to enjoy visiting the exhibition.

Graham is a gifted, local, award-winning photographer. His approach to photography is instinctive, backed by a wealth of technical ability that has allowed his creativity to shine out through his imagery. Never happier than when outdoors, he will make photographs at any time of the day but prefers the early morning, as the sun rises. His work is often exuberant, incorporating the first light of the day. He enjoys the feeling of rejuvenation around sunrise and will often be making images long before most of us are even aware of the new day.

He previously exhibited as part of the Capability Brown 300 celebrations in 2016, having built a relationship with Weston Park Foundation over 25 years while working in his professional capacity for South Staffordshire Council.  The Foundation has graciously allowed him unrestricted access to capture the beauty of the park’s landscape and exhibit his work.  

His style celebrates all that is great in our countryside. He will often shoot towards the rising sun, taking on the challenges that this approach brings. He took the winning image in the 2013 Velux ‘Lovers of Light’ International Photography Competition. He has also received a number of commendations and been published in the prestigious Landscape Photographer of the Year competition award books.

He has now taken his passion for photography in a new direction, as a director of the company that runs the daily photo journal website, Blipfoto, where people take and post a single image each day.

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