This exhibition brings together a selection of works by the Irish printmaker Tim Mara, featuring artworks from Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s collection alongside loans from his family and Advanced Graphics London.

Although frequently associated with the Pop Art movement, Irish printmaker and one-time Wolverhampton Polytechnic student Tim Mara - who died in 1997 at the age of 48 - found his inspiration elsewhere. “I knew that the Pop thing was going on,” he said. “Screen printing was there, photography was there, the everyday objects were there - but I was much more interested pictorially in Velásquez and Vermeer. Those prints had much more to do with painting.”

Mara’s work saw him blending traditional processes with digital printing techniques, but his main consideration was always the subject matter: “In the hierarchy of fine art, printmaking is usually associated with craft skills - with technique. And that gets in the way. My work was always about the ideas more than the medium.”  

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